Maurice Addamms

Full Name

Maurice Mason Addamms

Blood Status






Hair Colour

Dark Blonde

Skin Colour


Eye Colour





Addamms family

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Gryffindor House


Hogwarts Gryffindor Boys Dormitory

Addamms manor

Maurice Addamms is a American Second Year at the Hogwarts in the House of Gryffindor. He is the student most connected to the Muggle World and is best known for carrying around a laptop. Addamms is also Swoofball captain.



Addamms has dark, sinuous hair. He'll always be seen with anemic skin. His eyes are a color saturated and bright of the colour blue. He has a voice of superiorority. Upon his face is always mysterious appearance due to the macabre atttitude he inherited from his Addams family.


Maurice is a snarky, hard-working intelligent person and a model student. He oftenseeks proof through logic and unliike other students who depend solely on magic, he also uses books and (for certain subjects) the internet, the wizard world has great Wi-Fi.

Addamms Background

Maurice originates from the infamous Addamms clan made up of relatively gothic or macabre characters. Unlike most of his relatives, he is aware of others seeing them as bizzarre or frightening and often has fun with this. He inherits his magic abilities from his father and his future-seeing Grandmamma before him.


Early Life

Maurice was like any other average boy accept with dark Addams for parents whom though he loves acknowledges to be strange. He was shocked learning of his supernatural ancestry and power he howned. He accepted his invitation and due to his fascination he became eager with joy to learn magic. He rejected an admittance to the Salem Institute of Magic.

Education at Hogwarts

Addamms enjoyed his years as a pupil of magic at Hogwarts. His favourite subjects are Charms, Potions, Transfiguration, Astronomy, History of Magic, Herbology, Divination, and Astronomy (very studious). He looks forward to Apparition. He is also captain of the Swoofball team.

First Year

Addams was continuosly amazed at the foundations of magic and Hogwarts School itself. This however didn't get in the way of his studying, to the contrary it made him curious and inspired his urge to learn. His lack of knowledge in the beginning of his studies caused an accident which created a few magic beings to which he is "father" to. He brought to life the Smurfs while checking out a Smurfs website. Other than that he made very few errors and passed his classes with flying colours.

Second Year

Addamms is still currently in his second year and is not going very different than his first.


Addamms accidentally created the Smurfs after a First Year accident with a Smurfs website and a wand. After the bringing to life of several Smurfs, and assuration that it was impossible to return them, the teachers agreed to magically create all the Smurfs and their village and give them home in the Black Forest of the Wizarding World now renamed the Smurf Forest. Addams often visits them as a Smurf himself aka Smarty Smurfling.


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