Office Hours

This matter has been concluded privately, the results are going to be show on each employee's talk page.

Mperez1858's Suspension

This matter has been concluded in favor of allowing this user to edit.

Revision: As certain problems have arisen, this user's suspension is being rethought. --R. R.

Norseman123's Suspension

This user has formally quit and has been hunted down by the M.O.M. and is in hiding in Siberia.

Bureaucrat Roles, Admin Roles, Rollback Roles, and Chat Moderator Roles

  • Mperez1858- No
  • Norseman123- No
  • JohnMarvel- No
  • Phaeton1622- Yes
  • C. Mallet- Yes
  • Pizzaman15- Yes


This alliance will be set up shortly.

Mythology Wiki (start up)

This wiki will start soon.

Epic Wiki

This wiki's start up date has been postponed to December 2012.

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