Hello Ravenclaw Students!

Ravenclaw House
Ravenclaw Crest


Rowena Ravenclaw

Founded (Date)

9 or 10th Century

Former Heads of House

Filius Flitwick

Traits of Ravenclaw








Blue and Bronze


Helena Ravenclaw

Common Room Location

Ravenclaw Tower





This is Ron Ravenclaw, your headmaster and Head of House. I wanted write a few announcements but from now on the announncements will be written on the Ravenclaw Announce board via the Ravenclaw Common Room.

  • Ravenclaw Quidditch tryouts will begin to 2nd Years and up starting on the 10th of January. Please post on Ravenclaw Quidditch tryouts page and there will be backup positions.
  • How to get points will be listed on my home page and will be effective immediately.
  • Teacher tryouts will start today. See me for instructions.

Hope to see points soon...

Ron Ravenclaw

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