Slytherin RosterEdit

  • First Year
  • Second Year
  • Third Year
    • Jason Karlsson
  • Fourth Year
  • Fifth Year
  • Sixth Year
  • Seventh Year
  • Adults
    • Sam Slytherin

347px-Slytherin common room

Hello! This is the common room for Slytherins! Please send an owl to your head of House and ask him for the password. Potion ingredient passwords change bi-weekly.

Post any conversations on comments and post any questions on your head of House's page, too. Add all the images you want.

--Ron Ravenclaw



Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry will be shut down for maintenance starting on January 3 for one month. In addition, the management has decided that the school may be shut down for a longer amount of time if the case may be. In the meantime, all students are welcome to enter and 'enroll' but grades, Gringotts, roleplays, etc. will not be open until March 2. The management is sorry for any delays this has caused and happy holidays!

Please find an appropriate Head of House!