Swoofball is a magic sport playable at Hogwarts most noted for the only use of magic carpets in the eastern Wizarding World. Tryouts will begin soon. For further instruction, please ask Maurice Addams.

The Game

The Object of the Game

The object of Swoofball is to score goalsto earn pointsby advancing the ball into the goal on the opponent's side and preventing the opposing team from doing likewise.

Time of Play

Swoofball is a game of 60 minutes divided into 4 quarters with 5 minute breaks in between. The final quarter must be played in raid as hexed by the referee.

How to Play

The game is started with a swoofball being charmed into midfield where the two Captains are ready to grab the ball and kick it to the Passer whom is considered th connection between the Captain and the Receiver. The Receiver passes it to fellow Receivers. Blockers take the ball from the other team if nessecary and pass it to the Receivers whom must score the goal.

The ball may be thrown, kicked, dribbled, hit, rugged (a term used for when the rug kicks the ball as commanded by the rider) and spiked, but mus't be touched with the elbows or head (except for the goalie if needed)

A goal is worth 3 points

A freethrow is worth 1 point.


If the ball goes out of bounds, the player is benched.

Offensive play, aka harming other players on purpose as defined by the referees, causes automatic benching of the player and if for some reason this occurrs on 3 occasions, a point is deducted and a freethrow granted.

Magical Stuff

The Swoofball falls up

The goalie is allowed a training wand

The players play on magic carpets

The final quarter is played in hexed rain

The Players

Players will be decided at tryouts. Maurice Addamms is referee.

Players Gryffindor Slytherin Ravenclaw Hufflepuff
Captain Maurice Addamms Ron Ravenclaw
Goalie Ron Ravenclaw

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